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We have been in this industry for a long time and with that, we’ve been through the trials and tribulations of learning the ins and outs of the Shelf Corp Industry and have dealt with or have come across multiple businesses and people.



In this industry, about 90% of businesses that advertise “aged corporations and shelf corps” are NOT really selling legitimate aged shelf corporations and LLCs. They are doing and selling a number of things but they are not selling “clean aged shelf corporations”. Most of these unscrupulous Businesses and actors are advertising shelf corporations but are really committing several forms of Business Fraud. These Bad actors start by finding a delinquent business and then pay the delinquent fees of the business to bring the company back to good standing (active status). Once they have reinstated the previous delinquent company, they sell this business to an unsuspecting customer or someone who is not educated well in the space of Aged Corporations. Keep in mind this company they have just sold to someone as an aged corporation the previous owners are unaware of any of this. This is what is called a reinstated shelf company that is not legitimate when the original owners did not consent to the filing. Reinstating a company without the original owner’s consent is illegal. They then apply for a new EIN (Employer Identification Number) under the business stating there is a new owner which then re-ages the business in the eyes of a lender or bank. This is not only illegal but defeats the purpose of buying an aged corporation and can carry federal consequences.

We have heard and seen it all through our years of experience. Any company trying to sell you a “credit-ready Aged Corp” with an EIN ready for immediate funding is a huge red flag. They are not selling you what they are advertising. By buying those corporations you run the risk of a number of things from being charged with fraud, the company you buy being flagged by lenders as suspicious stopping you from being able to obtain funding or the business may have previous debts or liabilities that it still is liable for. Those are just a few problems you will face with purchasing those types of companies among many other things.

But don’t let the bad apples and actors of the shelf corp industry scare you away. There are still good and ethical Shelf Corp Providers out there like us that you can do business with. We try our best to educate our customers so they are not taken advantage of and know what to look for when searching for a truly clean aged shelf corp.

All of our Aged companies are clean with no prior assets, liabilities, or previous owners. All our companies have remained in good standing and active status since their inception. All companies are paid up to date on all state fees and required yearly filings. They also have never been operated and do not come with an EIN number, we provide you with an EIN application instruction template to ensure you fill out the application properly so there are no IRS error codes with your newly acquired Corporation. What else comes with your aged shelf company purchase?

  • Original articles,
  • Resolutions,
  • A proprietary operating agreement made from 15 years of experience in litigation, asset protection, and mediation you will not find this anywhere else.
  • Bylaws (Corporations),
  • Release of control over the company.
  • Includes an EIN template that will help you in applying for your new EIN number correctly.
  • The secretary of state and public record where you purchase your aged corporation will be updated with you listed as the original owner.
  • Registered agent service for the first year included with your purchase of a Corporation or LLC

We recommend doing your own due diligence when searching for an aged shelf corporation. There are a number of ways you can insure you are getting a clean aged corp. One way is to look up the company’s history you are planning to purchase on the Secretary of State’s website to make sure it is in good standing and is everything the seller is telling you it is.


Since 2001

We have been in this industry for a long time and with that, we’ve been through the trials and tribulations of learning the ins and outs of the Shelf Corp Industry and have dealt with or have come across multiple businesses and people.


The correct way to use an aged shelf corporation is as a vehicle for funding and a way to gain instant credibility with future customers and lenders. Avoid starting from scratch and having to wait to get the funding you need. With aged corporations, you have the advantage over start-ups and brand-new businesses. Most banks and lenders will not give you credit or lend to you unless you have a minimum of two years in business.

Never built corporate credit before? Want to make sure your Company is compliant and the business credit is built out correctly for maximum funding, the fastest way? Purchase the Ultimate Package and sit back and let us do all of the work for you. This way you can leave any guessing and mistakes out by letting the professionals build out your Corporation the correct way. When your shelf corp is delivered to you all of the hard work, filling out applications, and waiting are taken care of leaving you with a properly built business ready for funding.

What are you waiting for? We have an ample selection of companies. Return customers and Resellers ask for an unpublished list of companies by invite only.